Based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, Sunrise Aviation offers a helicopter charter service - corporate and VIP charters, scenic adventure flights and safaris,

chartered airport transfers and game census services in South Africa and Mozambique


Helicopter Adventure Flights

Sunrise Aviation's adventure flights allow you to experience the crisp mountain air atop the highest mountain peaks or the earthy humidity of the

African Lowveld bush from the comfort of a Bell JetRanger.


You can fly to the best golf courses in South Africa or pop into the tourist town of Graskop for a day of curio shopping


Helicopter sight-seeing flights

The Mpumalanga Escarpment offers the tourist an opportunity of experiencing the beauty of the South African Eastern Highlands.


High mountain cliffs, cascading waterfalls and the wild African bushveld, are just a wonder flight away. A birds eye view experience in the comfort of a

helicopter with an experienced pilot.


Blyde River Canyon

Few will ever forget their first glimpse of the spectacular canyon, the Blyde River Canyon. The gorge is the third largest in the world and one of South

Africa's scenic wonders. The Blyde River Canyon is the kind of place where brochures and guide books run out of original adjectives to describe the

fresh mountain scenery and magnificent panoramic views.


Our helicopter sight-seeing adventures over the Blyde River Canyon are part of our Mountain Picnics itinerary. This part of the journey involves an

easy helicopter flight towards the dramatic rock formations of the Canyon and then a low flight over a natural forest through a hole where the

world falls away and you have vertical cliffs next to you.


We then fly around the back end of the three Rondavels from where you get a perfect view of the entire Blyde River Canyon.


Mountain Picnics

The helicopter used for the mountain picnic is a Bell Jetranger, which can carry 4 passengers, at any one time.

The mountain scenic route is from Nelspruit to one of the lodges, pickup passengers and fly to the escarpment, via the 30m high Pinnacle.


Then the flight continues on to the breathtaking Lisbon Falls where we fly low and slow into the falls and then vertically up to the top. Lisbon Falls

tumble down a 92 metre cliff into a large pool. The 80 metre high Berlin Falls follows.


An easy flight on to the dramatic rock formations of the Blyde River Canyon, ( the third deepest canyon in the world ) and then low over a natural

forest through a hole where the world falls away and you have vertical cliffs next to you.

Round the back end of the three Rondavels and a perfect view of the Canyon.


Low down onto the Treur River following the bends up and over the Chums Falls, and then onto land at an area called the Pinnacle overlooking the



You can stop for a delicious picnic and enjoy the magnificent views.

The route then takes you along the Mac Mac River over the 64 metre high Mac Mac Falls, where we swoop down into the forested gorge and follow

the river to the end, and turn around a cascade you can only see from the air.


A sedate flight home from there to the lodge to drop off the passengers and return to Nelspruit


Berlin Falls

Close to God's Window, north of Graskop, are the mighty Berlin Falls. The Berlin Falls are situated in wooded, grasslands and rocky countrysides.

They are likened to a candle in shape, in that the falls starts at the precipice as a narrow plunge and then broadens.


Mac Mac Falls

The Mac-Mac Falls are one of the most photographed and unusual sites in the lowveld area. The Mac Mac River plummets down 100 meters. It is

named after Mac Mac village, the site of the gold rush of 1873. This odd name is reputed to have originated in 1874, when the Rev Thomas Burgers

visited the gold rush site and found so many Scotsman searching for gold and every second man seemed to be called "Mac".


Our Helicopter flight route takes you along the Mac Mac River to the 100 m high Mac Mac Falls, where we swoop down into the forested gorge and

follow the river to the end, and turn around a cascade you can only see from the air.


Lisbon Falls


Experience the wonder of flying between the waterfall and the wall of the gorge.


The spectacular Lisbon Falls , at 92 m, is the highest waterfall in the area, and plunges down in a double stream over a semicircular rock face.


Helicopter Safaris

Experience the beauty of African wild life with a helicopter flight from your hotel to a private Game Reserve for an organized, open vehicle safari

followed by a sumptuous breakfast.


The game drives are undertaken in an open safari vehicle, with a driver / guide who has extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the

area, and is an expert on game movement and other ecological aspects of the region.


Game drives usually depart in the early morning and late afternoon when it is cooler, for game to hunt and graze, so there is a better chance

of encountering abundant wildlife.


On your return, you will enjoy an adventure flight over some of our magnificent waterfalls.


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